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Making Monday: Making Babies

My little ones that were such a surprise!

Have you been wondering where I’ve been!? After the craziness of the holidays, I decided to take a little break from my shop & my blog to regroup! Then there was some procrastination… Then I found out I was pregnant!

I planned on going about business as usual, but then this pregnancy started going very differently than my other two. I became so tired & so hungry! I would cry…literally cry to my husband about how hungry I was! I knew it had been a while since I was pregnant, but I thought the hunger seemed out of control! Then we had an ultrasound & the technician said, “Actually, there are two in there!” That explains it!

Actually, it explains a lot of things about this pregnancy. I’m not going to lie, this has been a super tough pregnancy. I’ve been struggling a long with one thing or another since I found out about my two little ones. That is why I haven’t been good about blog posts or listing new items in my shop! I don’t want to rush my little babes out before they are ready, but I am so looking forward to getting back to my old self! Not to mention, we are all very excited to see them!

My daughter, Morgan, talks to them daily. Yes, and I have to make the babies respond (in a high pitched voice of course!) to her…haha! She tells them all about what she is doing & usually wants to know if they like whatever it is I happen to be eating at the time or what they are working on growing that week! This is how a typical conversation goes between them:

Morgan: Hey, babies? Hey, babies!
(I didn’t respond fast enough)
Morgan: Mom! I’m trying to talk to the babies!
Me: Oh, sorry! (switch to high pitched voice mode)
Babies: Yes?
Morgan: Are you having fun swimming in your bubbles today?
Babies: Yes! It’s a lot of fun!
Morgan: Is it warm in there?
Babies: Yes, we are nice & warm in here!
Morgan to me: Awwww, they have such cute voices!!
Babies: We think you have a cute voice too!
Morgan: Awwww! I love you, babies!
Babies: We love you too!!
Morgan: Awwwwww! (hugs my belly!)

So, now I’m 30 weeks along & the end is in sight! Yay! I’m excited that the end is nearing, but panicked about doubling my number of children so quickly! Yeah, I’m still a little freaked out about it…that’s never really gone away! I’m trying to get some things washed for them incase they come early & my husband put the car seats in the back of the car (ok, fine, it’s a mini-van. we had to upgrade after we found out there were two in there! no choice there!) so we are getting ready!

Eeks! Anyone want to tell me that this is going to be easy!? haha!

Sooooo…now you know where I have been! I’m busy baking some babies over here!!

If anyone has any advice for raising twins (especially if those twins have older siblings too!), let me know!

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  1. Steve says:

    Hang in there! You can do this. Like you have a choice anyway!

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