Girl Power Essential Oil Roll On Blend

I sent Grace off to school armed today. I made her a Girl Power blend to put on before school & she loved it! (It smells awesome for anyone wondering!)

As I watched my girl walk away from the house this morning I felt good knowing I gave her a tool to help her through the day. And I think I mostly I hid that on the inside my heart felt knotted up wondering if she would have to fight for a good day.

So, I just gotta gush & say I love what essential oils do for my family!! Grace has been having some rough times with kids in her class this year. While we try to talk to her about it, teach her how to react (or not to react), be true to herself, & strong in character, mind & spirit; sometimes they just need a little extra help. This new blend that I made for her will help her get a little extra push. I made this blend up for a my Empowering Your Family class knowing that someday I’d need it for my girls. After last week I decided the time had come to mix it up this weekend.

Here’s what’s in our Girl Power blend & why I chose it:

Black Pepper ~ This oil is empowering
Tangerine ~ Calming & promotes feelings of happiness
Ylang Ylang ~ Combats low self esteem, filters out negative energy, & helps to restore cofidence
Geranium ~ Balances emotions & lifts spirits, also fosters feelings of hope & well being
Palmarosa ~ Creates feelings of security, helps to reduce stress & tension

Did it work? Grace came home all smiles!!  She said she had a great day, & she thinks it even helped her swim faster in PE class!!

I love what these oils can do for my family!!

Do you or another girl/woman you know need a blend like this!?

Are you new to essential oils? Would you like to learn more? Let me know!

These are the only essential oils I would recommend to someone! They are the highest quality!

Ready to get started!? Click on this link & I will help you start on your essential oil journey with a FREE 45 day training delivered right to your inbox!!

Girl Power Essential Oil Blend

Girl Power Essential Oil Blend

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On the Brink…

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile. A long while. Ok, a very long while! But I’m working at getting back at it now. It’s time! I’m working on the direction in which I want to move forward & making a lot of personal developments. I find that this is taking up quite a bit of time, but I can tell it’s worth it. I’ve been feeling more positive about my future than I have in a long time! So stay tuned to see what’s going to happen!

these boots

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Coming Soon!!

Hey everyone!! I’m working on getting my site set up so I can get to this blog stuff going again!! Check back soon!!!!

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